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Inside the kitchen was warm. I looked to the window to see how much time I had until it will come. The clouds were heavy and dark, but no wind. I put some more wood in the fire to keep the water boiling as my mother prepared the vegetables. I knew she will not have time to cook them, but I kept my mouth shut for the moment only looking outside with the corner of my eye. I was excited and nervous in the same time.

Soon I heard the tires screeching on the ground and instantly I saw the car spinning and turning, almost hitting the house. I was heading already for the exit, when I stopped and turned to say to my mother not to get out  whatever it happens.

I got out of the house and hugged the big Harry. I got inside the truck and drove fast, knowing just the reason why we did it. I had to stop it. We had to drive for a while to find the perfect spot. We settled in.

“The storm is getting bigger by the minute. I can feel the closure.” I said. “Are we safe?”

“Just for the moment and only inside. No one can get through this” and he showed me what he did to protect us. “But if you go ouside…”

“I have to.”

It was no sound but the strong wind. The car was protected and he gave me a necklace to wear it. It was made from salt and a weird stone. I put it around my neck not knowing if will be enough to keep me safe.

After that, everything happened fast. I got out of the car to see the heavy clouds coming down to earth the wind hitting me in the face and I  looked on my right side and I saw it.

It was big and fierce, with black eyes that pierce through me. But most of all I could sense the pure evil that came from it. I gasped and tried to concentrate, but it was hard: he was coming right to me. It was a blue dark horse, running towards me without touching the earth. My heart was beating like crazy.

“En el nombre del Padre del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo” and I made the sign of the cross in front of the beast.

That made it angry and tried to mess up with my mind while I tried very hard to keep myself focused on that incantation.

“En el nombre del Padre…deeeel Hijo y dellll….Espi…ri…tu Saan…to” and I managed to do the sign of the cross with my right hand again, but with difficult.

“En el nombre…”

And I was shut. It got me. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t rise my hand to do the sign for the last time to seal it away. In the same instant its head was near my right ear and I was paraliyed with fear. I could feel its breathing on my back. But it didn’t hurt me, even if pure evil was close to me, it just said something that I couldn’t understand.

And then it all disappeared. I was in my bed, gasping and shaking.

*** real dream.

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