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Writing Lilith.

When the idea of writing about demons an demonic creatures came, I start writing like a maniac in the same day. But after a while I realized that I didn’t have a real story about people. It wasn’t a drama, it was just words describing a very powerful and visual “film” and i decided to quit writing it. But fortunately, it didn’t last for long. I started to re-write it after thinking about the story for a few weeks.

The first chapter was obviously the most difficult to write because I wasn’t satisfied with it and I kept editing it (really big mistake!!). After two months I found on the internet a lovely book about the craft of writing with advices and examples of how to do and how to not do. The book was about the attitude that you needed to write the story. And I understood a few things. And then I kept writing again like crazy. And then the demon overpowered me, saying that it was no good, that my book was terrible. I even considered deleting it. But then I realized that I loved my characters and I couldn’t just give up on them and I promised myself to keep writing and tell their stories. But my characters were still stubborn; they didn’t want to talk about their story, their problems or their life.

Then, a week ago, I just feel in love with movie scripts and I began documenting myself. I can say that is the same deal, the only difference that the story you tell is very visual and dynamic and, most of all, very concentrate. A movie script is like the essence of a novel. And then I realized why I didn’t knew my characters: I never asked them to tell me the story, I just wanted them to come to me and print the words in my head. But this does not work. So I began making some characters sheets just like for a movie script. I must say that I’m on the third chapter and I didn’t thought it was wise or that it will help me in some way. I thought it would just be some sort of outline for my characters. But I was totally wrong even this time. It did help. Now that I wrote the characters sheet, asking them to speak with me, they are telling their story, their reasons. And now in this very moment I feel the revelation and the powers that their story has on me. Now that I know them, I can write about them, because they are showing and telling the real story.

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